Let’struggle against to the Communists’ persecution!

Let’s say NO to the communist Bahar Kimyongur’s extradition from Holland to Turkey!


To all the true democratic and progressive people



Bahar Kimyongur is a member of the DHKC (Revolutionary Front for People’s Liberation) Information Bureau in Bruxelles. Since two months he’s imprisoned at Dodrecht in Holland. He was arrested at request of the reactionary Turkish State that accuses him to be a terrorist.

On 4th July, the Dutch Authorities will consider if they’ll give in the request of extradition carried out by Turkish Authorities, which gave a dossier of just ideological accusations. The crimes he’s charged with concern his political activity in Europe, that is the denunciation of the political freedoms and human rights violation by the Turkish State. Particularly, the Turkish Authorities accuse Bahar to have protested against the F-Type prisons in 2000, during a Turkish minister’s visit at the European Parliament.

Bahar is born in Belgium, in every respect he’s a Belgian citizen and the request of extradition by Turkish Authorities is unlawful. A real political anti democratic persecution is being carried out against Bahar. It concerns not only him, but all the true democratic and progressive people.

Bahar’s extradition should be even more serious, knowing that Turkey practise in its prisons the torture of isolation, that since 1999 the political prisoners are denouncing with the hunger strike. 122 people are dead for it and some hundred are become invalid owing to the forced alimentation imposed by Turkish Authorities.

The persecutions of Bahar, and of other members of the DHKC Information Bureau as well, subjected to judicial proceedings by Bruges Court with three arrested for similar ideological reasons, are consequences of anti constitutional “anti terrorism” laws issued by U.S.A. first and European Union then after the September eleven events. These laws have been further strengthened by the directive of Popular Party’s Swedish European parliamentarian Goran Lindblad (about the “necessity to condemn Communism”), approved on last 25th January by European Council, that practically tries to outlaw Communism.

Let’s say NO to Bahar’s extradition. Let’s expect the liberation and the end of communist Bahar Kimyongur’s persecution. Let’s join the protest on 3rd July at 5 p.m., near Netherlands Embassy at Rome (Giochi Delfici Square, 600 metres from diplomatic seat in Via della Camilluccia, 701-703.

Who cannot come, please send messages for Bahar’s liberation to Dutch Embassy to the fax number 00-39-06-36767.256, or else to the e-mail address: rom@minbuza.nl.

Besides, we invite everybody to sign the petition for Bahar’s liberation proposed by the Committee for freedom of speech and association (CLEA) at the site http://clea.ns5-wistee.fr/index.php?lg=fr


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